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The FireFlies have been playing together for over a dozen years. Each member brings his or her own style and energy to the group, blending their talents to create a toe-tapping experience with traditional Celtic, early American, French-Canadian, Old-time and original fiddle tunes.

The FireFlies are . . .


Jim Broden (fiddle) -- began playing fiddle after retiring from the Navy. Applying his violin training and some guitar tunes to this new-found style, he sat in with local fiddlers at jam sessions to learn traditional tunes and hone his skills. He is the lead fiddle for a local "family dance" band, "Tame Rutabaga," and plays for the "77th New York Regimental Balladeers," a Civil War music group. A gardner and cat lover at heart, Jim lives in the Schenectady, NY area.


Patricia Kernan (flute, pennywhistle, light percussion) -- A fluent player of pennywhistle and flute, Patricia's whistle adds a bright touch to quick-tempoed contra dance tunes; or a gentle lift to waltzes with her smooth flute playing. A visual artist by profession, Patricia also plays flute, whistle and Celtic Harp for the local English Country Dance band, "HeartsEase." She lives in the Albany, NY, area.


Jim Mead (guitar, foot percussion) -- is a drummer-turned-guitarist, giving the band its drive. The son of a tap dance teacher, he grew up learning to move to the beat. A garage band musician from the 60's, he continued his guitar playing over the "folk" years, performing in coffeehouses with his wife, Sue, and is now the rock-solid rhythm guitar (and sound tech) behind the FireFlies, as well as Tame Rutabaga, Tamarack, and TuneFolk (with his wife Sue). A computer programmer by day, Jim lives in Saratoga County.


Sue Mead (fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, light percussion, vocals) -- influenced by her father's country guitar playing, Sue taught herself to play guitar, from folk club to playing in local church coffeehouses throughout the 70's. She and Jim married, and were given his grandmother's violin, and Sue took to fiddling. Drawn to anything with strings, she plays fiddle, mandolin and tenor banjo for the FireFlies, Tame Rutabaga, Tamarack, and joins her husband Jim, as the duo TuneFolk.