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"We were thrilled with the music and dancing you provided for our wedding. Please tell the band that they are marvelous.  The music created the atmosphere I was hoping for.  And, the dancing was spectacular.  The instructions were easy to understand for all ages and it was fantastic to see all my loved ones out on the dance floor.  Even those who didn't dance had a great time watching and listening to the music...  Thanks for doing a great job."
-- wedding reception dance (Keene, NY)

The FireFlies are available for dances and "background music" (or strolling musicians) for community or private events, where a little music sets the stage for your community dinner, picnic, social gathering -- either acoustically, or with light amplification. (The band has its own sound system.)

For more information
about band availability, please contact Sue at:

If you wish to book a dance with the FireFlies & caller Paul Rosenberg, please contact Paul at:

Paul Rosenberg calls for local contra dances, and excels in teaching contra, square and international folk dances for beginners (and those that are"dance-shy"), as well as families with young children. All dances are taught at a comfortable pace, step-by-step, and are easy to learn.