"The FireFlies Band" is usually Broden, Kernan, and Meads
Caller is Paul Rosenberg, unless otherwise noted.

(If the clip "skips" or "breaks up," right click on the link and save the file to your computer to play it instead of playing it direct from the internet.)

Video/Sound clip -- The FireFlies Band

Four-dance sampler -- tune/dance snippits -- John Ryan's ( Heel & Toe Polka) / Red-Haired Boy (contra dance) / Golden Slippers (Virginia Reel - two cuts) / Far Away (waltz) -- Oct 2006 @ Conkling Hall, Rensselaerville, NY
(Time: 1 min. 26 sec)
33 Meg .wma file

Sound clips -- (Jim & Sue Mead, guest fiddler - Ed Lowman; Paul Rosenberg calling in background):
Westphalia Waltz.mp3

Red-Haired Boy.mp3

Growling Old Man & Woman /Wind That Shakes the Barley.mp3